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Warrior X Retreat

mit Helmut Waldhuber

Take time and immerse yourself in a world where it's all about you and your body & soul!

The unique combination of mind power training and physical training in the Warrior X training system addresses Mind, Body and Soul alike.

Meditate in the Sunrise

Your will learn how to become calm inwardly, with the help of various meditation techniques. From this inner peace you learn to draw stength and inspiration.

Endurance and Functional Training (Fitness and Yoga Asana)

To improve strength and endurance are, among other things, the goals of physical training on the retreat. Hiking, yoga and functional fitness are combined to improve your physical fitness.

Mind Power Training

Have you ever thought about how to see yourself and your environment? Do you think secretly that you will never get fit or you will never manage to loose weight? In the evening mind power training, inhibiting and limiting beliefs are dissolved and replaced by helpful and productive ones. 

Healthy and delicious food

Physical and mental training is an important part of getting fit - and so is the diet. The food is tailored to your needs to support the recovery. 

In numerous workshops you will learn how to prepare your perfect meal. 

Morning Workout
Cooking Workshop

About Helmut Waldhuber

Founder of Warrior X Retreats

Due to thevaried education and interests in the fields of dance, martial arts, yoga and functional fitness, Helmut have a special approach to exercise.

The many years of dealing with these forms of movement have made him realize that all these disciplines are based on a connecting element: respiration.

With the right breathing, the movement is ensured, as the supporting muscles are both activated and strengthened.

His goal is to build mindfulness and body awareness through physical and mental training.

More information: 

Celebrate Life Retreat

Celebrate Life Retreat

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Clear and focussed energy due to the right nutrition.

KEET Event

KEET Event

Through the CYP (Change Your Pattern) method untapped potentials are activated and forward-looking goals realized.

Manifested Abundance

Manifested Abundance

Understand your inner self and reach your dreams - without wasting time by self sabotage and inner conflicts.


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