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The Tunnel

During the Kon.klave 5, which took place in summer 2018, the art project "The Tunnel" emerged in our Hotel Saalbacher Hof. The seven arists which converted the hotel into their very personal atelier in the time between June 24th and July 1st, have created a huge piece of graffiti art in the fourth floor of the Saalbacher Hof.

Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.

... and since we love and support individualism, the graffiti tunnel perfectly fits into the hotel. What is formed, created and changing over the years on passage walls, bridge pears and electricity boxes in the whole world has developed at hotel Saalbacher Hof this year in June in a very short time.
Kunst im Hotel Saalbacher Hof
Graffiti Projekt im Zuge des Künstlersymposiums Kon.Klave 5
Kon.Klave 5 Art Project im Kunst Hotel Saalbach
Hotel in Saalbach - Kunst uns Kultur
In the reality of urban daily-life it's all about pulling one's weight to the political discours about the public areas and its meaning as a communication platform. Every drop of color, however sketchy it is set into the whole context, means taking a step forward in this debate.

We at Saalbacher Hof support art of all kinds!


The Kon.klave - a special week in the Saalbacher Hof, entirely devoted to art. The hotel and its surrounding area serve as a stage for the seven different artists to realise their creative expression.

Rooftop Events

Rooftop Events

In the context of our summer event series “Rooftop-Culture from the Rooftop above the Village” the garden is, without further ado, turned into an open-air stage. Musicians, cabaret artists or cinema under the stars - see for yourself!



Top events in Saalbach and on-site events with well-known musicians and cabaret artists in the Rooftop Garden.

Gallery ArtBox

Gallery ArtBox

Create space for art. Visit our Gallery ArtBox.


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