Indoor rock pool in the spa area of the Saalbacher Hofs width=

Indoor SPA

Rocky indoor pool

The rocky indoor pool looks as though it has been built right into the mountain rocks. The rocks are not only around the pool, but also right in the middle. There is even a waterfall running straight into the warm, turquoise waters. In the pool itself there is more to discover than just the massage jets and floor bubbles ... What else? Just come in and find out.

For even more bubble moments the whirlpool is awaiting you. 

From the comfortable loungers in the winter garden you can watch daring skiers in winter and downhill bikers in summer.

For those who like to enjoy sauna with a view, the textile sauna with infrarot function is there.
Textile Sauna in the Rocky Indoor Pool Area
Rocky Indoor Pool
Relaxing Chairs
Indoor Pool over the rooftops of Saalbach

Sauna Area

After skiing or hiking into the Organic Sauna or Finnish Sauna? Or do you prefer the steam room? That’s not a problem either. The ones who want  to cool down afterwards, can jump into the 10 degrees cold water or breathe in fresh brine. Don’t you dare to go into cold water? Then take part in one of the breathing workshops à la Wim Hof and learn how to deal with ice cold water. And for before, afterwards or instead of, there is the relaxation room. There you can enjoy the music from Niraj Naik - the facilitator of our Celebrate Life Retreats.
Sauna Area
Cold water pool
Relaxation room
Graduation works in the sauna area

Fitness room

The small but fine fitness room is the perfect complement to your activities in nature - mountain panorama inclusive. On the all-in one power station, the treadmill and the bike trainer you get your body in the right form. For strengthening your body several machines like a leg press, shoulder press, chest press, lat pulldown and a seated row are provided.

For all those who have always wanted a quick muscle build-up - we offer you the 10X workout once a week. Only 13 minutes a week - how it works you can find out here.
Gearing up for fitness at the Saalbacher Hof
Fun doing workout

Relaxation Room

The new relaxation room provides even more moments of wellbeing. With a view of Saalbach, the relaxation room is a true dream.

The perfect spot for a calming meditation, a good book from the many books in our library or just to do nothing.

Relaxation Room
Relaxation Room over the rooftops of Saalbach
View to the Kohlmais mountain
A little action in between
Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Recharge over the roofs of Saalbach. You can delve in the 3,000 m² large rooftop garden at the Hotel Saalbacher Hof: in the heated outdoor swimming pool, in an exciting book, or in your own thoughts.

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Massages & Beauty treatment at the Hotel Saalbacher Hof - be pampered everywhere!

Mindfulness & Fitness

Mindfulness & Fitness

Our motto at Saalbacher Hof is to celebrate life! The weekly offers are as diverse as the imagination when you think of “Celebrating life”.


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