Hiking with children in Saalbach in the Salzburger Land  width=

Hiking with the family in Saalbach

The mountains around Saalbach offer endless adventurous possibilities for large and small hikers.
Adventure for the whole family can be found on the Kohlmais mountain: Montelino, the little clown, is a funny companion for children on the way down to the valley with all sorts of tasks for them to solve.
With many lovingly designed stations on Montelino’s adventure path, kids help the clown find his toys and his friends so Montelino can finally get back his laugh.
Kids can cool off thoroughly at the water playground before the Montelino trail leads further to the feeding of wild animals.
Solve riddles on the Kodok mountain
Fun in Montelino’s Adventure World
Pony Petting in Montelino’s Adventure World

Kodok mountain

On the Kodok mountain on the Reiterkogel, Montelino’s cap was stolen by the sourly goblin Kodok.

Younger guests have to find the hat and solve the mystery of the goblin.
At the end of the valley is a real action paradise: In Schnitza’s Wood Park and at the Devil’s Water, the little ones can really romp around. There’s a new “Jump and Slide” Park with an 8-metre high Jump Tower since the summer of 2016, a “trampoline area”, and a “Freestyle ramp” for cool sessions.
For those who want to feel an adrenaline rush, there’s the dizzying high-rope park and the Europa slide.

On the different courses, you can put your balancing skills to a test.
If you see serious people walking around in Saalbach with very dubious, green pointy hats, these are the proud conquerors of the Tree-Top Trail, the highest-altitude tree-top path in Europe. This easy hike for the whole family starts at the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps, which spans the entire end of the valley, and leads for about 2 km through pastures, meadows, and forests. Here you can stroll comfortably in dizzy heights and watch the activities in the high rope park.

For a round of sports in the afternoon, the motor skills path along the Saalach River is ideal. You can practice balance, skill and fitness at the 24 stations.

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