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Celebrate Life by SBH

Take off, submerge, celebrate—in a house full of possibilities. In addition to activity in nature and perfect recreation, here at the Saalbacher Hof, our focus is, above all, on:

Celebrate life!

Join us for a weekend that will inspire and change you. Our Celebrate Life by SBH weekends include meditation workshops, breathing techniques, fitness exercise, and lots of fun in the evening.

Niraj Naik and exciting guest speakers will accompany you on a journey to yourself

Yoga in the Rooftop Garden
Niraj Naik in meditation
Breathing exercises with Niraj Naik


Meditation is designed to allow us humans a deeper self-awareness and a reinforcement of our spirituality.

Niraj Naik MPharm, an independent medical scientist and pharmacist who lives in London, will teach us this weekend his special technique of meditation, the Trypnaural meditation (knowledge of English is necessary) and will go with us on a very special journey to ourselves. 

A special experience

The hosts Isabella Dschulnigg-Geissler and Chris Geissler were able to experience themselves Niraj Naik’s unique compositions in dialogue with a special breathing technique.

In the presence of two NASA scientists brainwaves were measured in a basement in Mykonos. The outcome were brainwaves similar to those which were measured in the Dalai Lama. All that without any special background knowledge just by practicing a simple meditation.

See for yourself the explanations in the video.

Since August 10, 2016 Niraj Naik has his own TV show on British television - Congratulations!


In a healthy body...

Ines Festini, who is founder of Festini Fitness, is from Austria. She has a master’s degree in medical anthropology. She studied sports science and nutrition and is a certified health and fitness coach. Additionally, she completed a 200-hour Yoga training in India. She will introduce you to her secrets on Saturday (details to follow).

  • With her secret recipe you can get a healthier, stronger, and leaner body in three months.
  • How can you change your diet according to individual body types and easily transfer it into your day-to-day, stressful life?
  • How do you train most effectively if you have little time and don’t want to go to the gym (60 minutes a week is all you need)?
Relaxation exercises
Shaping the body in the Rooftop Garden
Ines Festini from Festini Fitness
Mindfulness & Fitness

Mindfulness & Fitness

Our motto at Saalbacher Hof is to celebrate life! The weekly offers are as diverse as the imagination when you think of “Celebrating life”.

Sports by SBH

Sports by SBH

Be active, inhale the clear air of the Alps and be yourself—you can enjoy this with our Lifetime Coach Petra.



At the Saalbacher Hof you can celebrate LIFE. Here, every day is a feast. Here you find the perfect setting for your company celebrations, seminars, yoga workouts, family celebrations, and much more.


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