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Hosts Family Dschulnigg & Family Geissler

a tradition in fifth generation

Family Dschulnigg have been running Saalbacher Hof with a real passion for over eighty years. Since Juliane, the grand-grand-grandmother was awarded the licence to run a boarding house for tourists. One can see the personal touch of the owners

Through the walls of the great glass elevator in the lobby, guests can take a fascinating journey through the history of the hotel. The lift links four floors of the hotel, coincidentally the work of four generations of Dschulniggs.

Paintings by great grandma decorate the walls and mirrors. Gabriele Dschulnigg planted all of the flowers in our gardens. It’s not just in the gardens that guests can enjoy her handiwork. Her well stocked herb garden still lands on guests plates even today. Even after 40 years Hannes still loves to ask his guests every evening whether they are enjoying their holiday and guests love hearing his little hotel anecdotes. Internet expert Chris makes sure that guests stay in touch via the web with their favorite hotel even when the holiday is long gone and takes care of everything behind the scenes. Isabella will look after you throughout your holiday, she runs the guided history tour each wednesday and will take you to the top of the Saalbach Mountains.

You might be wondering about the fifth generation, well in August 2010 and August 2014 they arrived. Philip’s and Pia's job are perhaps the most important - they can bring a smile to every face.


Family Dschulnigg-Geissler
Family Dschulnigg-Geissler

                                     Family Dschulnigg & Family Geissler


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