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Manifested Abundance

Understand your inner self and reach your dreams - without wasting time by self sabotage and inner conflicts

Save the dates:
June 14-16, 2019
August 23-25, 2019
September 6-8, 2019

During the retreat with Fabian Ries you will accomplish: 

  • Freedom from deep-rooted mental problems and vices that produce fear, agitation, separation, and poverty
  • 100% clarity what you (and your subconscious) really want
  • A new level of energy through a method of breathwork that yogis have used to increase their health and longevity for thousands of years
  • Processing the new vitality into your visions and increasing the frequency of them
  • A clear inner navigation system that brings you daily closer to your wishes (love, health, money, freedom)
Manifested Abundance

With the Retreat in Saalbach, Fabian Ries takes you on a journey to yourself. Get clarity about your true goals. For the probably first time they stand black and white on paper and the whole body yells "YES!". Certainty and play instinct help the realization in record time.

Inner blockades along the way are valued and replaced with new, encouraging perspectives. Your subconscious mind is a blueprint for your actions. If you change this blueprint with new instructions, you automatically change your behavior. In effect, you are automatically approaching your goals, which have been saved for your subconscious as a new reality.

Without internal blockages and self-sabotage you will achieve your goals and a new level of success in record time.

After the seminar, you will receive every SOMA session as MP3 to deepen and clear goals or orders to the waiter of life;)

Breathing in the Rooftop Garden
Sauna Breathing


Included in the price: 

  • Overnight stay with full-board
  • Healthy snacks and coffee in the breaks
  • Joker Card - for the free use of the cable cars, busses, and more ... 
  • SBH Included Benefits

23.-25. August 2019

€ 135,00 per person and night in the Art Room Single

€ 125,00 per person and night in F³ Double Room Standard or Double Room Superior (Price for double occupancy)

€ 145,00 per person and night in Double Room Deluxe or in a Junior Suite (Price for double occupancy)

06.-08. September 2019

€ 115,00 per person and night in the Art Room Single

€ 105,00 per person and night in F³ Double Room Standard or Double Room Superior (Price for double occupancy)

€ 125,00 per person and night in Double Room Deluxe or in a Junior Suite (Price for double occupancy)

About Fabian Ries

Fabian has been dealing with the subconscious of mankind for 11 years and published his first Amazon Bestseller at 25, with nearly 100 positive reviews. As a newly-born SOMA Breath Instructor, he combines the power of breathing with his understanding of the effects of the subconscious mind.

As a business psychologist, he uses validated tools and systems that solve inner conflicts, self-doubt and fears to realize health, prosperity and happiness and to conceive of himself as the creator of his life. In other words, it helps the brain to re-train to create the life you really want and deserve - without the feeling of "faking" or "not being."

Celebrate Life Retreat

Celebrate Life Retreat

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KEET Event

KEET Event

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Clear and focussed energy due to the right nutrition.

Warrior X Retreat

Warrior X Retreat

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