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Celebrate Life

Niraj Naik is a former pharmacist who became an advocate of natural health methods, digital nomad, successful musician, and entrepreneur. He is recognised worldwide as “The Renegade Pharmacist” and his work has been shown on major news channels such as CNN and Fox and in national newspapers in the UK such as the Huffington Post.
Niraj Naik in meditation
In his special workshop/course, you will learn to build the foundations for perfect health. Learning innovative bio hacks will help you remove toxins from the body and rebuild your body for more energy, focus, and motivation than you ever have previously experienced. With these methods, thousands of people have left their health problems behind.

Niraj Naik also advises Britain’s largest Internet company institutions for vocational training. He has been directing the Celebrate Life Events by SBH in the Saalbacher Hof since the summer of 2016.

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Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

Activity in nature and perfect recreation - celebrate life with us in the Celebrate Life workshops!

Lifetime Hotels

Lifetime Hotels

Feel better, live longer - that's the philosophy of the Lifetime Hotels, who like to improve their guest's quality of life in a sustainable way.



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