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Kon.klave nr. 4

A very special symposium of art                      

Kon.klave Nr. 3 Kon.klave Künstler bei der Arbeit Kon.klave Künstler bei der Arbeit  kon.klave 3

This symposium of arts is the highlight of this years summer season. The word "conclave" is of Latin origin and means a room that can be locked up (cum clave - "with key"). The Saalbacher Hof provides also this summer again a room for one week to seven international artists in which to work. This artistic focus marks a dialogue between artists, guests, and the population.

This year you can again partcipate at one of the workshops or dip into the world of the artists for one evening. At the differenz ARTIST TALKS we already had a TED talk.

As guest of the Saalbacher Hof you can watch the artists in and around the hotel from the 25th of June until the 2nd of July. The final event and ending hightlight of the week is the vernisage and opening of the ArtBox on the 1st of July. All seven artists will exhibit their art works here. 

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Kon.klave Nr. 4

Kon.klave Nr. 4
Kon.klave Nr. 4


Kon.klave nr. 4 

25th of June - 2nd of July 

3 nights half board
inkl. 1 workshop
 ab € 340,00
nights half board                 inkl. 1 workshop ab € 435,00
7 nights half board (7=6)             inkl. 2 workshops
ab € 710,00

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3.000 m² Rooftop Garten

Welcome to Saalbach, Welcome to the Saalbacher Hof!

Take off, Disappear, Enjoy youself - that is how we live at the Hotel Saalbacher Hof. See the world from above - in the most "lässig" village of Austria an easy thing. Get out of bed in the morning, jump in the next cable car - which is for free with theJoker Card, enjoy the view and hike the trails of the "home of lässig" Saalbach. The 400km of hiking-trails at all levels are guaranteeing fun for everyone. For those who want it a little bit more experience we recommend the unforgetable 7-Summits-Tour

To just relax you take the elevator of the hotel, go up to the 3000m² Rooftop Garden and jump in the heated outdoor pool. After that you can watch the tricks of the bikers on the x-line on the Schattberg or relax your muscles in the indoor SPA area at a massage or in the sauna.

3 verschiedene Saunen, Gradierwerk uvm.

Deluxe Junior Suite mit Gartenausgang

3.000 m² Rooftop Garten

And with the Joker Card (free admission to cable cars and much more), which you will receive at the Saalbacher Hof free of charge, you can enjoy the mountains surrounding Saalbach even a little bit more. For especially when you are hiking in the Austrian Alps you realise:

“If there are mountains, you know you can go up there to get a new perspective of life from above.”

Hotel Saalbacher Hof 

luxury and different!

Your holiday destination in the centre of Saalbach surrounded by the spectacular natural backdrop of the beautiful green Kitzbuehel Alps! The entrance to the hike- and bike Eldorado is literally right in front of the door - you can get to the nearest cable cars and chair lifts within a two minutes’ walk and you are right in the centre of Saalbach.

The recreation is right on the Rooftop. Our 3.000 sqm big Outdoor-SPA has a heated pool, a clay tennis court, slack line and many more. In case of bad weather there is of course a great Indoor-SPA with an Rocky Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, 3 different Saunas, Relaxing room with water bed and many more.

In the kitchens, we use regional produce to create international cuisine and have an extensive wine menu.

For a healthy start in the day we serve fresh green smoothies every day. For dinner, you have the choice between our healthy Lifetime- or our Gusto menu.

Blick vom Hotel zur Skipiste Deluxe Zimmer im Hotel Saalbacher Hof Hotel Saalbacher Hof 5-Elemente Speisesaal mit Blick direkt auf die Piste

The combination of old and new is unusual. We are big but still cosy and an energetic and active holiday with us is still relaxing.

Our guests are return customers from across the world! Get to know the Saalbacher Hof as a very special house that it is where modern art and traditional values are perfectly combined.

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Felsenhallenbad mit Whirlpool Felsenhallenbad mit Wintergarten
Felsenhallenbad mit Whirlpool

The Dschulnigg & Geissler Family run the Saalbacher Hof with a real passion and their own special blend of hospitality. Loving details, warm woods and attractive fabrics can be found throughout the hotel. You will find the perfect symbiosis of traditional values and modern outlook on life. Practiced hospitality combined with real vitality.

Traditional Culture

old is turned into new with lots of love!

In this house you will feel the history of a smithy, a guesthouse, a hotel - and more importantly, of a home, for both us and you. It is all about the beginnings, as well as the progress made due to the strong pioneering spirit of our forebears. In 1932 great-grandmother Julie opened the Pension Dschulnigg. Grandpa Hans, with his idea of buying the freight lift from the Americans, laid the foundation for the continued rise of Saalbach from a poor hill-farming village to an international tourism destination. Hannes and Gabriele built a spa and turned the house modern. Together with Isabella and Chris they ruibuilt the biggest part of the hotel in 2010. In this house of ours, a vibrant culture of tradition has been tangible for more than 80 years. A histroy with vision. Hospitality, stability, reliability, unaffected honesty - in all that we do.

Boarding house 1932 Hotel 1957 Hotel 1965

 The summer at the SBH! 

 - latest winter news

feel better, live longer!

IMAGES of the hotel

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Lifetime Hotels

feel better, live longer                                                                                 

As a Lifetime Hotel, our aim is to improve the quality of life and health of our guests. For this we explored with our partner companies and the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg (PMU), what is required specifically to avoid diseases and to sustain long-term health.

We orientate ourselves here with nature, which is of exceptional quality especially at medium altitude. The pure mountain air, the altitude differences contingent on regions, and the authentic, natural food with which we provide you are the best conditions for the step to a healthier and longer life.

In addition to our services, we offer you a comprehensive Lifetime Benefits for free:
  • Tests to measure your current health values.
  • Varied Activity Programs which increase your cardiorespiratory fitness.
  • Healthy, regional Lifetime menus that demonstrably improve your body values.
  • Self Assessment test - how fit do you think you are?
  • A comprehensive after-vacation service, so that the learned approach can be integrated into your everyday life.
  • for surcharge: Accompanying health-coaching that ensures long-term rethinking.

What makes our approach different from other forms of vacation such as wellness

Unlike such passive vacation formats, your improved body values are retained even after the holidays, and these values can even be further improved.

                                            Lifetime Hotels

How much does a Lifetime vacation cost?

Lifetime is not a specially priced product, but a mark of quality of the participating hotels.

How can I recognize a Lifetime vacation offer?

 The Lifetime Button is displayed on each menu or where Lifetime is being offered.

How can I integrate the knowledge learned into everyday life?

The Lifetime blog provides you with constantly updated tips on how you can keep fit and healthy.  We will gladly link with you on Twitter and Facebook.

Lifetime Hiking