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Our Saalbacher Hof team 

„Only he who knows his goal, may find the path“(Laozi)

Our goal is to make holiday dreams come true. The path is to fulfill all our guests’ wishes even before they are made. The people who make this happen are our employees, true team players from across the world.
The receptionist is always there for you, from the first hello, to a sad goodbye when she gives you our hotel gift. In the kitchen hoards of hard workers create magic in their saucepans and in the guest rooms the good fairies sweep away the dust and dirt of the day. Our waitrons bring the best wines from around the world to the most distant corners of the hotel.

The cellar boys entertain the guests with hot rhythms and world class show bartending. No suitcase is too heavy for our concierge team who always make sure you get from your car to your room with dry feet. 

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