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Seven Summits

The hiking highlight of Saalbach Hinterglemm

The mountains of Saalbach Hinterglemm are on the one hand characterised by the lush mountain pastures and gentle green ridges of Pinzgauer Grasberge, but on the other hand the Glemm Valley is treasured for the ruggedly picturesque peaks of the Kitzbühler Alps, a challenge for all alpine hikers.

As of summer 2011, a brand new challenge awaits all those who are in good physical condition, are sure-footed and experienced mountain hikers: the “Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm”. This nearly 24-kilometer long hiking tour over the highest summits of the Glemmtal, with truly alpine character and a huge 1,413 meters of altitude, is a tour for the tried-and-tested individualists who are physically fit mountaineers.

Seven Summits   Seven Summits    Seven Summits

The tour:

The well marked path leads from Stemmerkogel over Hochkogel to the most difficult climb of the tour – the Hochsaalbachkogel. The tour continues over Bärensteigkogel, Manlitz- and Mittagskogel to the final highlight and highest peak of the Glemmvalley, the Geißstein with 2.363 m. Some extra power reserves should also be scheduled for the difficult descent of the Birgel to the end of the valley.
There are no cabins to cater the hikers along the route, so a good preparation is essential: the tour should only be started well equipped, with sufficient food and water in the backpack and planning concerning weather or alternative options of descents.

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