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Kon.klave no. 3

    the art comes to the Saalbacher Hof                                                                                   

kon.klave 3 Artist at work Guardaroba - Max Seibald
kon.klave 3

This symposium of arts is the highlight of this years summer season. The word "conclave" is of Latin origin and means a room that can be locked up (cum clave - "with key"). The Saalbacher Hof provides also this summer again a room for one week to seven international artists in which to work. This artistic focus marks a dialogue between artists, guests, and the population.

As this years premier you can partcipate at one of the workshops or eat side by side at the ART & DINE with the artists. Eat in a creative surrounding, right in the middle of all the art works and colours in the ArtBox, with the artists. The ART & DINE is going to be on the 30th of June 2016. 

As guest of the Saalbacher Hof you can watch the artists in and around the hotel from the 26th of June until the 3rd of July. The final event and ending hightlight of the week is the vernisage and opening of the ArtBox on the 2nd of July. All seven artists will exhibit their art works here. 

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Tanja Prusnik Schirmherrin Kon.klave Nr. 3 Kon.klave Künstler bei der Arbeit

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The artists of the Kon.klave nr. 3

Tanja Prušnik

Tanja Prušnik (AUT) - Patron of the Kon.klave nr. 3

  • born in Wolfsberg (AUT) in 1972 
  • Studies on Architecture at the Technical University Vienna
  • Women Art Price Carinthia, Art Scholarship of the town Klagenfurt (Austria)
  • International Exhibitions

Stefano Cescon  

Stefano Cescon (ITA)

  • born in Pordenone in1989, lives and works in Fontanelle, Italy
  • Attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (Italy) and graduated at the Academy "Cignaroli" Verona (Ialien)
  • His works are exhibited in various group exhibitions.

Kon.klave Nr. 3  

Anamari Hrup (SLO)

  • born in Ljubljana in 1978, Slowenia
  • Master Degree in painting at the academy of fine arts and design, University of Ljubljana
  • 2014 residency at "Kunstwirkt" in Berlin
  • 2013 solo exhibition in Herman Pecaric Gallery in Piran
  • Exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Rumania and Croatia

Michael Jank


Michael Jank (GER)

  • born in Mühldorf am Inn (GER) in 1971
  • Studies for Design in Munich, Studies for Photography and Print Making at the State University of Oregon (USA)
  • Bavarian State Award for "Forming Craft"
  • International Exhibitions
Kon.klave Nr. 3  

Markus Krön (AUT)

  • born in Salzburg in 1970
  • Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Graduated 1994
  • From 1989 until 2005 he used to live in Vienna, from then on he lives in Streitdorf (Weinviertel, Austria).

Ina Loitzl


Ina Loitzl (AUT)

  • born in Klagenfurt (AUT) in 1972
  • Studies on Graphic and Visual Media at the Mozarteum Salzburg and at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna
  • Fine Art Award Taichung/Taiwan, "Theodor Körner" Award
  • International Exhibitions

Kon.klave Nr. 3


Emma Weymayr-Kersten (AUT)

  • born in Caracas (Venezuela) in 1960. Used to live in Quito, Ecuador until 1966
  • Studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in the sculptor class of Prof. Ruedi Arnold
  • In 1985 teaching profession for Art Class and Textile Design
  • 1987-1994 Studies in the sculptor class of Prof. Bruno Gironcoli, Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, Graduated 1995
  • lives and works in Vienna



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