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Festival of Strudel

everthing possible from creative over salty to sweet                                                                                                                    

This dish is a filled or backed roll of dough. The oldest ever found recipe is from the year 1696. We dedicate this festival to this confection of pastry which can be served as well sweet as sour too.

Place: around the Saalbacher Hof on the 1st of July 

Start: 5 pm

Where to stay: here you find the suiting package

Music: special Strudel Session
Potatoe-Meat Strudel
wheel of colour

whats happening:

  • making strudel with our priest in his garden
  • Strudel to try at the Hotel Saalbacher Hof
  • History of the Strudels
  • „in the whirl/strudel of colours“ - painting session for the kids