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Exhibition Walter Gábor

in the fire dining room of the Saalbacher Hof                                                                                            

During the festival on Sunday the exhibition of Walter Gábor will be opend. It is possible to enter the fire dining room over our sun terrace. You can visit the exhibition every day from 10 am to 10 pm. from the 5th to the 31st of August 2012. His Repatoir reaches from landscape to Stilpainting from oil to Acryl. But the special focus is on his unique Jazz drawings.

                           Walter Gabor

Place: around Saalbacher Hof on the 5th of August 2012

Start: 7 p.m.

Package: learn drawing from the artist himself! here you find the suiting package

Musik: in planning

          Saxophonist  Kontrabassspieler

About the artist:

Walter Gábor went to school in Kecskemét Hungary, where he ist still living. He studied drawing and geography in university. From that time on he only focused drawing, which is bases on the principle of the moment. In his paintings you see very clear the relationship between the people as well as the great nature. He is inpired by the great colour- and design of the landscapes and the light shining on it.

His art was focused a lot with the topic music in the last year - to get concrete with the Jazz music. Walter Gábor works with pastel- oil- as well as acryl. In the last 20 years he took part in more than hundret "art-camps" from Hungary to Kuala Lumpur. He also had already exhibitions in Austria. After Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Dornbirn und Villach we are exited to welcoming him in Saalbach.

       Jazzexhibition in the fire dining room    Jazzsinger


here you find the suiting package

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